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Due to other commitments, we will not be hosting an August show. Look for our next show in early 2024!
Due to other commitments, we will not be hosting an August show. Look for our next show in early 2024!

Vendor Information

Please keep merchandise specific to the event genre of comics, toys, cards, collectibles, and pop culture. 

Vendor Guidelines

You may purchase up to 4 tables per vendor, and wristbands are allotted as follows: One (1) table receives 2 wristbands, two (2) and three (3) tables receive 3 wristbands, and four (4) tables receive 4 wristbands. Additional wristbands can be purchased at checkout. 

Vendor wristbands are only to be used by staff running the table or working the event. Giving away vendor wristbands is prohibited.  

You must have your wristbands on before loading in Saturday morning. Friends and family members are not permitted in without a paid wristband. 

Each 8-foot table is $79 and is provided with a table skirt and 2 chairs. Pipe and drape are provided to all non-wall tables. Your actual working space will be approximately 9' X 9', however, this may slightly vary depending on where your table placement is. 

Electricity is not provided but may be added during checkout for an additional $25. Wi-Fi is available to vendors at no cost.  

You may reconfigure your vendor area as needed. This includes bringing your own fixtures, displays, etc. If you choose not to have a table(s) in your area, we will need to know beforehand. 

Do not infringe on another vendor's space with your setup, and do not extend displays, tables, or fixtures in the aisle past your table. 

Tables are non-refundable.

Setup and breakdown 

Vendors that have large setups or inventories are encouraged to setup on the evening before the show. Load in time will be 5-8 PM. Saturday morning setup is 7-10 AM. DO NOT show up late, as the loading area will be closed and not reopened. You will forfeit your vendor space and not be allowed in the front entry.

Do not breakdown your area before 5 PM, as many attendees are still in the convention center. 

If either of these happen, you will not be allowed in as a vendor at future shows.


Selling Food: No food sales are allowed without prior approval from the event and venue.  Please do not bring outside food or drink from other restaurants into the venue during the concession stands’ open hours.

As a vendor you may bring lunch, but no outside deliveries are allowed, per venue rules.

Alcohol: The selling of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited.

Adult Materials: While the selling of 18+ items is allowed, we ask dealers to use discretion when displaying these items.  We have a good number of attendees who are under the age of 18, who may or may not be with their guardians.  Only attendees who are 18 years and older may view and purchase these items.

Noise: Please avoid using excessive noise or disruptive behavior to attract attendees to your booth. Playing music is also prohibited.

Unlawful merchandise: Items that are deemed illegal for sale in the state of Florida or in the United States of America are not allowed.

Damages and losses

The convention center will provide on-site security; however, exhibitor accepts full responsibility for any and all losses or damages to your booth or merchandise for any reason. Promoter is not responsible for any loss 

Hold Harmless

By purchasing vendor space, you acknowledge that you have read, and understand and agree to be bound by both the terms and conditions set on this application. I acknowledge that failure to abide by the rules may result in the loss of my exhibitor privileges without recourse or refund.

Terms and conditions may change as needed. 

Please verify your email is correct during checkout as this is the method for us to contact you.